Located on the downtown of the city of Puerto Montt and with a magnificent ocean view, Gran Hotel Vicente Costanera stands out for its great tradition, warmth and hospitality, always ready to receive our guests with the best and most specialized service all year long. Our Hotel has a great staff, wich is willing to you their undivided attention and to offer you their help, becoming a real solution to all the hotel needs of those who reach their dependencies, which are highly qualified and equipped to provide rest and pleasure.

Address: Av. Diego Portales No.450.
Región de Los Lagos, Puerto Montt – Chile.
Phone: +56 (65-2) 282 995
Phone: +56 (65-2) 432 900
Email: reservas@vicentecostanera.cl

    Gran Hotel Vicente Costanera

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    warmth and comfort in the best location

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    Mrs. Viviana Guzmán
    Head of Reservations
    Email: reservas@vicentecostanera.cl
    Phone: +56 (065) 2 282 995

    Sales & Catering:

    Mrs. Hedith Suazo
    Email: banquetes@vicentecostanera.cl
    Phone: +56 (065) 2 437 686

    Sales & Catering:

    Mr. Marcos Loncon
    Email: ventas@vicentecostanera.cl
    Phone: +56 (065) 2 283 251

    Hotel Representative:

    Mrs. Cecilia Palma
    Public Relations Manager
    Phone: +56 (065) 2 432 900